• Olive Oil

    A premium olive oil which exudes a fresh buttery flavour profile and is sparked by a delicate spiciness from the cold pressed fruit. Perfect for drizzling over everything, sautéing, roasting and dressing salads. Then there’s your imagination…

  • Olive Oil Gift Pack

    Dunk and delight! Get your summer started with this olive oil and za’atar gift pack. Keep it close for platters and salads. The perfect pressie for your hard to buy for!

    700mL Rubyspice Olive Oil, 50g Rubyspice Za’atar You Star.

  • Barbecues on Fire Gift Pack

    Just add 2 spoons to some olive oil, yoghurt, dijon mustard, lemon juice, fresh onion or garlic to really flare up your next barby in the nicest possible way. Marinade suitable for all poultry, beef, lamb and pork and seafood.

    50g Rubyspice North African Ras el Hanout, 50g Rubyspice Espressso Chipotle Rub, 50g Rubyspice Memphis Magic BBQ Rub, 50g Rubyspice Caribbean Voodoo Jerk, 220g can Chipotle in Adobo Sauce.

  • Butter Chicken Kit

    Butter Chicken – One of the most popular indian dishes known to mankind! A favourite among all family members, young and old. Feed a family of six twice with this kit. 

    Tandoori 50g and assorted spice kit with recipe card.

  • Ras El Hanout

    Revered as “The Head of Shop” combination of spices throughout Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, this complex blend contains unusual surprises such as orris root and galangal. Floral notes of organic rose and lavender add a sensual layer overall and heighten the taste sensation when combined with lamb or fish. It can be added to roasts, casseroles, vegetables and couscous. For a sublime and sweet North African experience, try Ras El Hanout sprinkled over a salad of sliced oranges, torn fresh mint and chopped dates to finish off a beautiful meal.


    A favourite Lebanese herb and spice blend. Extremely versatile and perfect on flat breads, sprinkled over cheeses, salads, fish and all meats.

  • Pitta Master Shawarma

    You can take care of your nicest cut of lamb in the most delicious way. Shawarma kebab salad is utterly divine, easy to prepare and apart from an overnight marinate of the meat, it only takes around 20 minutes from start to finish.

  • Memphis Magic BBQ Rub

    A superstar in the world of barbeque, this blend of piquant spices such as smoked paprika is excellent used in cooking and as a table condiment. Perfect for slow cooked meats, everything that goes onto the grill and into meatballs.

  • Caribbean Voodo Jerk

    The unmistakable flavours of the Caribbean come to life with the addition of Jerk seasoning. A tangled combination of allspice berries, chillies and thyme, our Jerk blend can be used in a wet marinade or dry rub for chicken, beef, pork, vegetables and seafood. The Jamaican way of jerk cooking involves grilling food over a fire pit fuelled with pimento wood but you can grill over your own bbq using apple or mesquite wood to bring our that smoky goodness.

  • Espresso Coffee & Chipotle Rub

    A custom made bbq rub which includes chipotle chilli powder and ground espresso coffee will seriously liven up a quality cut steak or slow cooked beef brisket. It is perfect for summer dining with family and friends.

  • Lush Tropics Chicken Curry

    Blending the familiar tastes of the Indian subcontinent and the island of Sri Lanka, this special blend contains roasted spices which are intensely aromatic and mesh beautifully when cooked with chicken, coconut milk and tomatoes. The ultimate easy curry.

  • Japanese Shichimi Togarashi

    A fiery condiment which compliments all Japanese dishes. This special blend of chillies, citrus, sesame and hemp seeds can be used as a table seasoning or in cooking for grilled meats, vegetables, fish, tempura, soups, noodles and rice.

  • Eastern Horn of Africa Berbere

    An Ethiopian classic blend with tremendous complexity, this fiery mix of chillies, spices, fenugreek and ajwain seeds is traditionally used in stews (wot) or can be rubbed onto a favourite cut of steak or lamb.

  • Vindaloo

    A spicy, classic blend which reflects the taste of Goa on the west coast of India. With minimal fuss and maximum flavour, vindaloo is enhanced by chillies, ginger, garlic and vinegar. Beef, pork, seafood and vegetables will certainly be transformed into that next “sure thing” of yours!

  • Tandoori

    Custom blended to perfection, this mix forms the basis for creating classic tandoori chicken and prawns. It also serves as an integral component in making our Butter Chicken and paneer. The blend does not contain food colouring to give it the orange hue people are accustomed to; it just lets the gorgeous flavours shine by themselves.

  • Chat Me Up Chaat Masala

    Add an extra spicy and salty dimension to all of your meat, vegetables and even fruits. The saltiness comes from black salt and the sourness comes from dry mango powder.

  • Garam Masala

    A sweet and spicy mix , similar to curry powder without the heat. It is traditionally made with cinnamon, cardamon, cloves and black pepper. Garam Masala is usually added to a dish at the end of cooking for a final touch of aromatics.

  • 25g Panch Phoran

    A Bengali style 5 spice seed melange of fennel, black mustard, fenugreek, nigella and cumin. Delicious stir fried with crisp vegetables and garlic.

  • 25g Asafoetida
  • Goddess Tins of India Gift Pack

    The ultimate package to get you started on that ravishing Indian dinner party you’ve always wanted to throw!
    50g Rubyspice Garam Masala, 25g Rubyspice Panch Phoran, 50g Rubyspice Tandoori, 25g Amchoor, 25g Black Salt, 25g Asafoetida.

  • 25G Black Salt
  • Rubyspice Apron

    Add an embroidered denim apron to your gift pack.


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